Smart office solutions

Office technology for greater day-to-day work satisfaction and a smarter work environment - this is what we create at Swedstyle. With innovative, digital technology for the modern office, we help you find the right solution and be one step ahead of the trend.

For 40 years now, Swedstyle has been the leading manufacturer of height-adjustable work stations in Scandinavia, with extensive expertise and experience in the field of office technology. 

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Quality Swedish manufacturing and innovation

High-End is locally produced Swedish innovation at its very best – and the most environmentally friendly.

  1. Own manufacturing plants and prototype workshops in Småland, Sweden.
  2. Welded, powder-coated Swedish steel that is assembled on site.
  3. Short transport distance between suppliers, the manufacturing plants, and clients.
  4. Full traceability of all critical components.
  5. Meets all environmental, quality, and social responsibility requirements of the Möbelfakta and Svanen eco- and sustainability labels.