Exclusive material meets functionality in next-gen office tables

With High-End, Swedstyle builds further on its heritage as the leading manufacturer of sit & stand desks and office tables in Scandinavia – while making a bold statement about the workspaces of tomorrow.

Design and choice of material are paramount in Swedstyle’s High-End furniture. Innovative technology combined with built-in electronics and minimalistic, sleek frames, takes Swedstyle’s height-adjustable tables to a whole new level of design. With carefully selected desktops for each frame, along with Swedish manufacturing and quality, High-End is spearheading the development of the workspaces of the future.

Characterized by clean lines, High-End is designed using quality material that speaks for itself. The result is a series of fully height-adjustable office tables and desks that are as functional as they are esthetically appealing. Furniture design that contributes to better ergonomics, making the workday more effective – while promoting creativity and team spirit at work.


The new workplace – designed for comfort and functionality

Our work lives are in a constant state of flux. Technical solutions build bridges and facilitate working remotely, with more and more workplaces choosing activity-based solutions. All these factors are changing our view of the workplace in the traditional sense. Tomorrow’s workplace, regardless of location, will always need ergonomic, well-designed workstations with outstanding functionality.

It’s design-love at first sight in synergy with functionality and ergonomics

Ergonomic tables with state-of-the-art functionality have not been associated with a high degree of design and an exclusive choice of material. Until now.

Together or in your own creative space

Creative workshop with colleagues or your own calm oasis? High-End has tables for all purposes and needs – from generous conference tables to smart, mobile workstations, where you can custom the table to your new space.

New times. New needs.

Accessibility. Versatility. Mobility. Creativity. Online or in-person meetings. At home or at the office. High-End’s furniture is created for people’s new way of living, meeting, and letting creativity flow. No matter where you work tomorrow.

Locally produced and climate smart

High-End, like all Swedstyle products, are manufactured at the company’s highly automated manufacturing units in Vaggeryd and Ekenässjön. All furniture is made of Swedish steel (currently 25 percent recycled), powder coated and assembled in Sweden, fulfilling the locally produced concept of “made in Sweden.”

For High-End and the rest of the company’s production, Swedstyle has ensured full traceability of all critical components, meeting all environmental, quality, and social responsibility requirements of the Möbelfakta and Svanen eco- and sustainability labels.

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Well-thought-through design in offices and homes

While ergonomic design may not always have been synonymous with style, with the High-End concept, every workplace becomes visually appealing and restful.
Good design at the office not only appeals to visiting clients – it also makes employees feel welcome, inspired, and appreciated.
A well-designed office increases productivity, reduces sick leave, and promotes collaboration and team spirit. Details such as good lighting, comfy and versatile workspaces, along with ergonomic and height-adjustable tables and chairs, promote a healthy office environment. High-End can also improve at-home workspaces, thereby increasing wellbeing.

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