Triangle Industry

A height-adjustable table that combines understated elegance with an industrial feel.

Product sheet

Colour Dimensions artno
Raw 1600 x 800 mm 56600112G-1

An office table that immediately catches the eye. Triangle Industry combines understated elegance with an industrial feel. The shape of the table is perceived as geometrically solid and playful, and the triangular design of rectangular tube legs provides the perfect transition to the frame and tabletop. Welding seams and burn marks enhance the rustic appearance of the table, with a frame treated in clear lacquer, enhancing the raw steel.

The dark grey tabletop combined with the clear, matte lacquer, adds a clean, elegant finish, while the contrast of the tabletop creates an overall aesthetic look and feel. A height-adjustable table for people who value clean shapes and designs.

Contact persons

Dick  Thunell

Dick Thunell

Sales Director

Vaggeryd +46 70 5248795

Julia Alfelt

Julia Alfelt

Product Manager Sit & Stand

Vaggeryd +46 76-830 11 75

Tina Lindholm

Tina Lindholm

Marketing Communications Manager

Vaggeryd +46721-42 05 79