Narrow Wide Up

A sit-stand conference table of unlimited possibilities and forms of expression.

Product sheet

Colour Dimensions artno
Black 2315 x 1215 mm 56500040G-1
  3015 x 1215 mm 56500140G-1
  3715 x 1215 mm 56500240G-1
White 2315 x 1215 mm 56500025G-1
  3015 x 1215 mm 56500125G-1
  3715 x 1215 mm 56500225G-1

The rectangular design language creates a playfulness, building on the contrast between the narrow and wide side of the legs. Viewed from the long side, the legs take on a narrow appearance, while from the short side they give a wider impression.

Elegant and stylish, or more robust and solid? Get different looks by being creative with the placement of the table. The rectangular shape and overhang of the white pigmented ash tabletop is designed to emphasize the unique shape of the legs and enhance the understated design. Narrow/Wide Up is a conference table for rooms with large areas, where its distinctive legs are allowed to take center stage.

Contact persons

Dick  Thunell

Dick Thunell

Sales Director

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Julia Alfelt

Julia Alfelt

Product Manager Sit & Stand

Vaggeryd +46 76-830 11 75

Tina Lindholm

Tina Lindholm

Marketing Communications Manager

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