Narrow Wide Down

A height-adjustable conference table that facilitates activity and efficiency at large meetings.

Product sheet

Colour Dimensions artno
Black 2315 x 1215 mm 56400040G-1
  3015 x 1215 mm 56400140G-1
  3715 x 1215 mm 56400240G-1
White 2315 x 1215 mm 56400025G-1
  3015 x 1215 mm 56400125G-1
  3715 x 1215 mm 56400225G-1

Closely related to Narrow Wide Up, the legs of this table go from thick to narrow instead of the other way around. This gives Narrow Wide Down, in an elevated position, a more robust feeling than Narrow Wide Up.

The straight, clean lines of the legs and tabletop are reminiscent of a traditional conference table. The rectangularity of the legs creates a visual playfulness, giving the table a solid impression viewed from the short side, while a neater one viewed from the long side. Base in black or white matte lacquer with a tabletop in white-lasered ash. The Narrow Wide Down table calls for a large space to emphasize the shape of the legs and let them stand out.

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Julia Alfelt

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